Multiple legal experts predicted Apple wasn't prepared to simply walk away from their legal battle with rival Samsung after winning a $1 billion+ judgment last month. It seems those experts were right on the money as The Korea Times is reporting Apple plans to ask US District Judge Lucy Koh for even more money during a hearing tomorrow in San Jose.

Cupertino will allegedly seek to triple the original amount awarded to them by the jury with hopes to collect roughly $3 billion in damages. The basis for Apple's complaint lies on the fact that Samsung was found guilty of "willful infringement" on five of six patents that were part of the dispute.

As Robert Barr from the Center for Law and Technology at the University of California, Berkeley pointed out when the first ruling was handed down, $1 billion is an extremely favorable and rare award in a patent case. If Apple were to collect an additional $2 billion, it could likely be one of the biggest patent judgments in history. It'll be up to the judge to decide if she feels Samsung should pay more in damages.

In related news, Samsung is planning to add the iPhone 5 to a list of devices they believe infringe on their patents. The company noted in a court filing that they plan to amend their infringement complaint once they have had adequate time to analyze the iPhone 5. No word yet on exactly how long that process will take but we suspect Samsung will get busy on their analysis bright and early tomorrow morning.