Leaked marketing video reveals two BlackBerry 10 smartphones

Shawn Knight

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An internal marketing video from Research in Motion surfaced on Vimeo last night showing two upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphones. The clip has since been pulled but not before CrackBerry.com was able to capture several screenshots of what we can expect...

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The more I see these screens, the more I'm convinced there really can't be a 4th place in the mobile OS race. This looks like a shameless mash up of stolen ideas: you got WebOS-like multitasking, iOS feel, WP tiles, and Android menus.

Just as apparent in Mozilla's waste-of-time of an OS, there's really not many paradigms left to implement. Android's "grid of icons" got away with it because it legitimately had advantages over iOS. But this? Sliding panels, tiles and icons? It's like they're trying to attract people from other platforms by putting pieces of each platform into BB10, and it's not going to work.

Suddenly I'm thankful WP exists; it is radically different but it works. Android might be following a similar paradigm as iOS but it has widgets and its overall more customizable, giving it's existence a lot of validity.

But here, I just don't see the reason for this OS to exist.


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Watch out its a rectangle! apple is going to go for a patent lawsuit for sure!
Only likely for a lawsuit if it's even viable for competition I'm guessing. Samsung is a very strong rival to Apple, while RIM is short of falling flat on it's face. Microsoft has a strong presence to begin with, and pushing with Windows Phone to get some of the market. So it's likely a 3 way split on things, but unlikely that RIM would get much of a foothold.

I'm not a smartphone user so really, I can't be overly critical over what's shown, etc. Just it's how I see this playing out, which is kinda sad for a company that was popular. They've been trying to be the next Apple or Samsung, but being too much at once? It's likely to explode in their face.


Behold, Blackberry wants to reclaim back market share like their previous glory


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I hope to God that's just a concept of their QWERTY device. If they've actually removed the touchpad, its <I>over</I> - there's no hope left for the BB faithful.


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They GOTTA do android if they want to stay in, BBOS just doesnt run alongside them, its got little developer support and even if it IS a better OS (ive never used any BBS so idk) people will still go android/iphone.


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I love when people comment doom on things when its too early to tell -_-
when was the last time a bb phone has actually succeeded?
The last ones have done ok. But when compared to the others, they are falling behind quite a bit. If BB10 can deliver (and they can convince enough people that it will), then they could do half decent. Otherwise they will probably cut out that hardware portion because they weren't fast enough to keep up...

They still have a small chance, but as 4th place in the mobile industry... who knows atm...


[SIZE=13px]"when was the last time a bb phone has actually succeeded?"[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13px]..before android emerge, but still survive until now.[/SIZE]