Logitech is following up the launch of its first mechanical gaming keyboard yesterday with three new peripherals with Windows 8 gestures support. The range includes the Rechargeable Touchpad T650, a glass covered surface for users that want to replicate the touchscreen experience of smartphones and tablets as closely as possible, and a pair of mice known as the Touch Mouse T620 and Zone Touch Mouse T400.

All three use a tiny 2.4GHz USB wireless transmitter which can support up to six devices.

Starting with the mice, the Touch Mouse T620 is essentially the same as the M600 announced earlier this year but with Windows 8 gestures support out of the box. Its entire surface is touch-enabled and you can do things like swiping from the right side to access the Charm Bar, swipe from the left to switch between open apps, or double tap with two fingers to show the desktop, in addition to the usual scrolls, clicks and more.

The M600 will get a software update to support the same gestures. Like its predecessor, the M620 is powered by a pair of AA batteries that will last up to six months, but those who prefer using a lighter peripheral can remove one and it'll still work for three months. It'll be available this month for $70.

The Zone Touch Mouse T400 works more like a traditional mouse but has a touch strip where you'd normally expect to find a scroll wheel. This rubberized, textured strip auctions much like a scroll wheel too, allowing you to move up and down through pages or scroll through the live tiles on the Start Screen, but you can also toggle open apps or bring up the Start Screen depending on which end you tap.

The Zone Touch Mouse T400 offers 18 months of battery life and will sell for $50.

Lastly, the $80 Rechargeable Touchpad T650 supports a total of 13 gestures, including five specific to Windows 8 and a bunch others that play well with Windows 7 too. The device is features precision sensors, resistance to fingerprints and scratches, and can be recharged via USB for up to a month of use.