Although I don't regret "cutting the cord," there are some inherent drawbacks to relying on Internet services and discs for shows and movies -- namely that you always have to know what you want to watch. That's generally fine because I'm not interested in most of what's on TV and I don't need the distraction that content surfing brings, but there are seasonal periods where I miss being able to let videos roll in the background.

This is especially true throughout October and December as channels dedicate their schedules to Halloween and Christmas-themed films. When I had cable, I'd catch parts of various popular horror flicks around this time every year. I can't even say I liked many of them, but that didn't really matter. They were nostalgic and to some extent, a tradition -- as strange as that word seems to be when describing a cheesy Syfy marathon.

I can technically simulate the experience with a service like Netflix, but at that point I'd rather just build my own catalog locally. If I do that, I might as well add more than cult classics like Dawn of the Dead and Halloween, which is where this WOF comes in: what are your favorite horror movies? As a bonus, for those of you without cable, do you ever miss the passive nature of tossing on a random TV channel for background noise?