Amazon's diversification of their multimedia product catalog seemingly knows no bounds. Earlier this summer the online retailer launched Amazon Game Studios with a single title, Living Classics. The Facebook game allowed players to interact with classic literature in a whole new way but now Amazon is expanding their reach even further with the introduction of their first mobile title.

Air Patriots is described as a new kind of tower defense game where players will need to strategically position an arsenal of airplanes to fend off an enemy tank invasion. Gamers will use their finger to draw a path for the planes to follow to engage enemy forces.

Amazon says Air Patriots differs from other tower defense games. The traditional model includes stationary defense towers but with this game, players can adjust their strategy on the fly.

Air Patriots is available now for Android, iOS and naturally, Kindle Fire. Seeing as this is an Amazon title, the game offers a few added features should you choose to play on the company’s tablet. Amazon GameCircle keeps track of achievements and high scores while Whispersync technology allows players to save progress across both Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD devices.

The title is free of charge through the Amazon Appstore, Google Play and Apple’s App Store although the retailer hopes to earn some dough via in-app purchases. Out of the box, players can anticipate seven different maps, multiple achievements and a variety of unlockable content.