Data from Internet traffic analytical firm StatCounter reveals that Windows 8 has overtaken Android with regards to web traffic. It's an impressive feat given the fact that Microsoft's new operating system has only officially been available for less than two weeks.

According to the data, Windows 8's web presence passed Android sometime during the past weekend. You're probably thinking the comparison is a bit unfair since Windows 8 is found on a number of devices that Android isn't, namely computers. That may be true but then again, you have to consider Android's popularity and how long it's been in use (more than four years now).

Judging by the traffic analysis chart above, we can also see what Windows 8 tallied a decent amount of web traffic even before the October 26 launch date. This of course is due to a few different reasons. It's likely that some users are still running the Release Preview of Microsoft's operating system that was first made available for download on May 31.

Even more likely, however, is the fact that the final RTM build of Windows 8 was made available for download for MSDN and TechNet subscribers in mid August. There's no doubt that a number of enthusiasts picked up a copy of the new OS at that time.

All that we really know about Windows 8 at this point is that Microsoft managed to sell four million individual upgrades in the first four days (not to mention the "tens of millions" of upgrade units sold to corporate customers). At the current pace, there's probably little doubt that Windows 8 will eventually overtake iOS in web traffic as well.