As it turns out, Apple’s latest iMac might be ready for launch on schedule after all. It is now believed that Apple will launch the redesigned 21.5-inch iMac sometime later this month before making the larger 27-inch variant available next month just in time for the holidays, according to sources as reported by 9to5Mac.

Last week a rumor surfaced claiming Apple would have to delay the launch of their redesigned iMacs due to an issue with a welding process. Cupertino is using a friction-stir welding process that is said to merge the two main pieces of the iMac’s outer shell together using heat and pressure.

It’s reportedly the same type of process used to make things like airplane wings and is one of the reasons that Apple was able to shrink the edges of the iMac down to just 5mm thick.

Some also thought that Apple was experiencing difficulty in producing the new display on the iMacs. The panel is 45 percent thinner than previous models and utilizes a new lamination process that gets rid of a 2mm gap of air between the front glass and the actual display. It’s similar to what several smartphone makers are now doing on handsets but as you can imagine, it’s harder to pull off on such a large screen.

French site MacBidouille was the first to report the rumors, claiming Apple wouldn’t be able to get the products out until sometime early next year.

Systems are expected to be in short supply outside of the US until early 2013.