Intel said Sunday that it cut the prices of its fastest microprocessors for desktop and laptop PCs by as much as 38 percent, following its regular pattern of slashing the cost of its chips in advance of faster models.

x-bit guys got their hands on an engineering sample of the AMD Athlon 64 2800+ and they put it to the test; being months away from release date I wonder, how useful is it to read such article based on a beta product?

Half-Life 2 news soon? A couple of magazines have announced juicy details on this sequel for next month's issue, Shacknews reports it's likely April 28th is the day NDAs will be lifted, now, DNF anyone?

ALi is the latest manufacturer to get Intel's 800MHz FSB chipset license, they expect to deliver samples of its M1683 P4 chipset supporting single-channel DDR400 memory in the second quarter.

ASUS' P4C800 Deluxe i875P motherboard based on the 800MHz FSB capable Canterwood is now available for sale.

Hewlett-Packard announced it will use Intel's Pentium M processor (also known as Centrino), designed for mobile computers, in a new slim server expected early in the third quarter.

Gateway has posted a $200 million Q1 loss, CFO says he's 'comfortable' with analysts' outlook, let's remember Gateway is going through a restructuring plan.

Timmore spotted this bit of news over at Neowin, starting from tomorrow Microsoft will make available for download four Windows XP Creativity Fun Packs that will include Media Player visualizations among other things.

And as a side note, perhaps the most important announcement we will hear about during the week, Iraqi's Information Minister speaks on NVIDIA.