There's good news for travelers that require access to wireless data on the go. A new MiFi dongle and accompanying service from Voiamo allows those traveling internationally to consume wireless data at a much more reasonable rate than would otherwise be available. Globalgig is a new data tethering service with plans starting at just $25 per month for interested parties.

$25 bucks get you up to 1GB of data to use each month in the US, the UK and Australia. If you need more data, there's a 3GB bundle available for $39 while a 5GB package will run $49 per month. The MiFi dongle will set you back $119 but of course that's a one-time investment. Voiamo says that contracts run month-to-month and users can cancel at any time with a 48 hour notice.

The service uses data connections from Sprint, O2 and Optus wireless carriers depending on which region you are in at the time. With it, users will be able to create their own wireless hotspot using the MiFi dongle to share a data connection with a smartphone, notebook or even a tablet.

It's worth mentioning that the dongle doesn't yet support LTE networks so don't expect a blazing fast connection. Of course if you must have a connection, 3G speeds will certainly suffice versus not being connected at all.

Voiamo says there are plans to expand to certain parts of Asia and the European Union within the next 12 months or so.