John McAfee, founder of the security firm by the same last name, has been arrested in Guatemala after he reportedly entered the country illegally. He was taken into custody at a hotel in Guatemala City after trying to seek asylum from Belize where he is a person of interested in the murder of a fellow expatriate.

Guatemala Interior Minister Mauricio Lopez Bonilla told Reuters that McAfee is facing expulsion back to Belize. His lawyer, Karla Paz, said his request to stay in the country has been denied.

The former software engineer has been on the run for nearly a month, evading authorities in Belize yet keeping in touch with supporters via Twitter and maintaining contact with the outside world through tech journalists and dozens of mobile phone accounts.

He is not wanted for any crime although authorities believe he is a person of interest. His former neighbor, American businessman Gregory Faull, was found dead roughly three weeks ago. According to reports, Faull was shot in the head with a 9mm round.

For his part, McAfee is convinced that if Belize authorities take him into custody, they will kill him. The prime minister of Belize has already publically stated that wouldn't happen, instead calling McAfee "bonkers."

McAfee started one of the first anti-virus software firms way back in 1987. He eventually sold his share in the company in 1994 and hasn't been associated with them since. At its peak, estimates put McAfee's net worth at around $100 million. 16 years later, McAfee was purchased by Intel for $7.7 billion.