The latest third-party keyboard offering from Nuance’s Swype uses a crowdsourced model to comb over new words and add them to a user-accessible dictionary. It’s called Living Language and is similar in theory to SwiftKey’s natural language prediction technology.

Users that opt-in to the new service will have their typing habits analyzed on the fly. The company says that trending words and phrases are suggested in real time so you won’t have to manually add the latest hip phrases to your dictionary. This means that the dictionary will remain relevant with pop culture acronyms like YOLO and IKR without any input from the user.

Another new feature from Swype is called Smart Editor. Much like traditional word processing software, Smart Editor analyzes a sentence after it’s been typed to check for grammar and contextual errors. The software underlines words or phrases that it thinks could use a second look.

If you aren’t familiar with Swype, it’s a third-party keyboard application for Android and Symbian that allows users to press their finger on the screen once and slide said finger across the keyboard to spell out the word they are trying to type. This method typically increases typing speed considerably once you get the hang of it.

Swype Beta is available for download now for Android users. It’s worth pointing out that users no longer have to register to download the product but that you will need to opt-in in order to use Living Lanugage.