Media consumption has been a big trend heading into the 2013 CES. Asus appears to be the next in line as they have unveiled a new streaming Internet box known as the Qube, powered by Google TV software. The question is, has Asus figured out the formula for success with Google TV where several others have failed?

According to the company, the Qube will be able to stream more than 100,000 television shows and movies from Google Play, Amazon, Netflix and HBO. The proprietary Qube interface runs Android 3.2 which is said to allow users to group apps together for easier navigation. The system will use a remote control that works via gestures and voice commands as Google TV is already programmed for the latter.

Users will find a full QWERTY keyboard on the back of the media remote that will make searching for titles much easier. And in the event that the remote is out of reach, users can simply grab their Android tablet or phone and use the Mobile Remote app from the Google Play store in the interim.

The physical cube includes a USB port on the right in addition to multiple others on the rear: HDMI-in, HDMI-out, another USB port, RJ-45 and IR-out, according to Engadget. Inside is a Marvell Armada 1500 chipset, 1GB of system RAM and 4GB of flash storage.

Asus is giving each user 50GB of free storage space in the cloud as well but with Google TV announcements still expected from Hisense, TCL and others, will it be enough to sway you to their side?

Asus is planning to launch the Qube in the US in March for roughly $150, we’re told.