Display makers are really hyping 4K and OLED this year, with most of them unveiling new flagship big screen TVs. As a major Japanese electronics outfit, it's no surprise that Panasonic is also toeing the industry line, revealing a new 56-inch OLED Ultra HDTV among other displays.

The company's press showcase wasn't just more of the same, however, as it also yanked the covers off a jumbo-sized, pixel-rich tablet. We don't know what it'll be called when it goes on sale, but the system is equipped with a 20-inch 4k screen and that's enough to get our attention.

The slate is said to have fantastic viewing angles and color accuracy thanks to its IPS panel, while its 3840x2560 resolution (230ppi) makes for a crisp image. The device will be geared toward designers and other professionals who want extra precise stylus input thanks to the pixel density.

Most reports indicate that the units at CES are deemed prototypes, so their specifications might not match the final product. Nonetheless, here's what the current design has: a Core i5 3427U processor, GeForce graphics, 4GB of RAM (Panasonic might offer up to 16GB) and a 128GB SSD.

Besides its 4k resolution, the tablet's display touts 10-finger multitouch and Anoto's pattern-based pen input technology. Other details include 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, a USB 2.0 port, a microSD card slot and a 720p camera. The system can run for about two hours between charges and it measures around half an inch thick and weighs just over five pounds. No word on pricing or availability yet.