Microsoft Office 2013 is expected to arrive in just a "few weeks", according to long-time industry insider Mary Jo Foley. With the imminent launch of Office 2013 being so close, Microsoft's pricing has also been leaked. Price tags for 2013 will range from $139 for Home & Student all the way to $499 for Professional Plus.

Although not precise, this fuzzy time-table could put Office 2013's impending launch sometime next month. If true, this corroborates earlier rumors which pegged February as the month for a consumer Office 2013 launch. 

Interestingly, March was the month rumored to host Android and iOS releases. Admittedly, we haven't heard much about Office for Android or iOS since then. Also according to ZDNet though, Office 365 claims it's installable on up to five computers, including "select smartphones and tablets". Perhaps 365 will be the extent of Microsoft's non-Windows tablet options.

It was previously reported that Microsoft had taken away multi-computer licenses from its 2013 line-up. That means if you buy a copy of Office 2013 Home & Student, it can only legally be installed on a single device. This unsavory change was likely designed to nudge users into Office 365 instead – a subscription-based, cloud-hosted solution which promises installation on up to five devices.

Microsoft Office 2013 Pricing
Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 $139
Microsoft Office RT 2013 (Windows RT tablet version) $139
Microsoft Office Home & Business 2013 $219
Microsoft Office Standard 2013 $369
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 $499

With those prices above in mind, this appears to be the most complete list of known Microsoft Office 2013 SKUs:

  • Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013
  • Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013
  • Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 RT
  • Microsoft Office Personal 2013 (Japan only)
  • Microsoft Office Professional 2013
  • Microsoft Office Professional Academic 2013
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 (volume license)
  • Microsoft Office Standard 2013 (volume license)

With the advent of Office 2013, Microsoft will be pushing Office 365. It appears Redmond hopes to snag subscribers by offering five-device licenses alongside relatively low-cost, monthly subscriptions. Office 365 Home Premium will be $8.33 per month while the University edition will only be $3.30 per month, per user. With Office 2013 Home Premium costing $139 per device, Office 365 should be an economical choice for multi-user customers.