The original material girl played a little prank on the P2P file sharing users of the world recently, when she flooded P2P networks with a fake copy of her "American Life" single, laced with a special message of "What the F do you think you're doing...??!"

So unhappy is M with the thought of people stealing her music, that she upset even loyal fans with her aggressively played jape. But the plan was to backfire.

"The hacker scored a minor victory against Madonna by breaking into her site over the weekend and posting all of the tracks from "American Life" for download. According to The Smoking Gun, the site went offline after the attack and remained down for close to 15 hours.""

I especially like this quote from The Reg:

"Swearing at your most loyal and eager audience ranks right up there with filing lawsuits against college students and launching attacks against our armed forces. It's also on par with making new CDs as difficult to open as possible, bound as they are with glue and cellophane."

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