HTC is planning to unveil a new flagship smartphone later this month. Known as the M7, it is expected to be the first Android smartphone to use pixel oversampling technology - or some variant of it. In preparation for the announcement, the company recently authored a blog post promising a new camera experience for 2013.

The blog post in question is little more than an infographic, highlighting the history of photography from the 1839 Daguerreotype through modern-day smartphone cameras, conveniently ending with Nokia's 808 PureView handset.

If you are unfamiliar, Nokia's shooter debuted last year with a 41-megapixel sensor which unsurprisingly received mixed reviews from reviewers and photography experts. HTC leverages this criticism by quoting a Gizmodo reviewer when he (correctly) said megapixels don't matter.

Most believe that the HTC M7 will feature a new image technology known as ultrapixels. This marketing term simply means that the camera will have three 4.3-megapixel layers that will be used together for pixel oversampling. No word yet on any of the other hardware specifications, however.

The company is holding a simultaneous media event on February 19 in New York and London where they are expected to unveil the new handset. It goes without saying that HTC is hopeful that the M7 will be able to compete with flagship smartphones from Apple and especially Samsung. It's no surprise that the once booming handset maker has struggled to remain a key player over the past couple of years.