During a recent interview, Ouya founder and CEO Julie Uhrman revealed the fact that the company plans to release a new console every year to leverage the best-performing chips and take advantage of lower component prices to continually deliver the best experience possible for gamers.

The $99 price tag will remain the same but internal hardware will be upgraded. The upcoming console, which was just made available for pre-order earlier this week and will be readily available in June, will ship with Nvidia's Tegra 3 processor. It's a chip that is a bit dated at this point but considering the unit plugs into the wall and doesn't have to rely on battery power like a tablet or smartphone does, the company is able to run all four cores at 1.6GHz continuously.

If you've been keeping up with mobile processor news, however, you likely already know that the Tegra 4 processor is just around the corner. Odds are, we will see this chip or maybe even something else in next year's Ouya refresh. The executive also noted that she would offer the Ouya for less than $99 if it was possible.

It's an unusual strategy for the console market as most major systems stay on the market for several years. Just take the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 for example. Microsoft's console was first available in late 2005 - more than seven years ago. Similarly, Sony's current gaming machine didn't hit retail availability until November 2006. The idea of a yearly refresh, even if it's a low-cost system, could really shake things up.