The incredibly popular sandbox game Minecraft continues to expand to a number of different platforms following its arrival on the PC back in May 2009. As of today, the hit title is now available on the Raspberry Pi, the affordable micro-sized computer designed to help people learn to write code.

It was announced late last year that the game was coming to the mini system. Officially called Minecraft: Pi Edition, it is available free of charge for anyone that already owns the programming-oriented device. The game is essentially a watered down version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android and iOS that can run smoothly on the system's low-powered hardware.

Daniel Frisk from Minecraft explains that the game runs on Raspbian "wheezy" with XWindows. Those who need to install that software first can pick it up on Raspberry Pi's website. From there, users will need to boot up the system and run a few specific commands to launch the game.

We are told that the team will be adding new features in due course but they at least wanted to get something out to the Raspberry Pi faithful now rather than later.

With this version, users will be able to edit the game's code at the base level. This will allow players to manipulate the environment in a much larger way, albeit raw in nature. Owen Hill, CWO at Mojang AB said it's like hacking your way into Minecraft and modifying the game world with code much like Notch or any of the other developers would be able to do.