Earlier today Google introduced a new developer tool that will allow users to sign in to third-party apps and services using their Google+ credentials. Officially known as Google+ Sign-In, it’s a feature that members of other services like Facebook and Twitter have enjoyed for quite some time now.

Being able to sign into a new site or service with existing credentials eliminates the hassle of creating a new username and password for every site you visit. It’s also easier for developer and webmasters as it's described as simple and secure with the ability to prohibit social spam.

Google was able to secure deals with 10 different partners ahead of launch to use the protocol to log into their services. Visitors to Banjo, Beautylish, Fancy, Fitbit, Flixster, The Guardian, OpenTable, Shazam, TuneIn and USA Today will notice the new “Sign in with Google” button.

Of course, being able to sign in with Google+ is only part of the new functionality. If you use an Android device, you will now be able to install a website’s mobile app on your phone or tablet with a single click when you sign in on the computer.

Furthermore, users will get to decide which app updates they want to share with the world and which they would prefer to keep to themselves. As described on the Google developers blog, Google+ doesn’t let apps spray frictionless updates all over the stream (a clear jab at Facebook) which means app activity should only appear if it’s relevant.