Microsoft isn’t letting the fact that next generation consoles are just around the corner as evident by a new Xbox 360 bundle. The Xbox 360 250GB Spring Value Bundle is now available in the US for a limited time while supplies last at select major US retail stores, according to Microsoft’s Major Nelson.

As the name suggests, the spring bundle includes a slim Xbox 360 console with a 250GB hard drive, a wireless controller and two games: Darksiders II and Batman: Arkham City. Microsoft is including a physical retail copy of Darksiders II but you’ll need to download Batman using a supplied code. Last but not least, a free one month subscription to Xbox Live Gold is included as well.

Expect to pay $299 for the kit which is on par with similar seasonal bundles we have seen from Microsoft. A quick check with Amazon shows the bundle is temporarily out of stock which could mean one of two thing: either Amazon hasn’t received them yet or they are already all spoken for.

The spring bundle is a pretty sweet deal but when you take into account recent rumors suggesting Microsoft could show off the Xbox 720 as early as next month, one has to seriously consider if it’s worth investing in the Xbox 360 platform this late into its lifecycle. Perhaps the biggest question is whether or not Microsoft’s next generation system will be backwards compatible with today’s 360 games.