If you know anything about gambling or have ever stepped foot inside a casino, it’s pretty clear that the odds are always in favor of the house. That is, unless you happen to have an accomplice working inside the casino that’s able to help you cheat. Then you’re able to swindle the casino out of $32 million playing cards.

That’s exactly what happened not too long ago at the Crown casino in Australia. According to reports, a foreign high roller staying in an opulent villa reserved for VIP guests was able to gain access to the casino’s security cameras with the help of an insider that worked there. The cameras were used to spy on the dealer’s hand at which time that information was somehow relayed to the gambler.

The casino uses state-of-the-art surveillance camera technology that is able to view virtually any section of the casino in high-resolution detail. A spokesperson for the casino said an investigation is under way and ongoing.

Details of the scam aren’t fully known but sources said the unfair advantage was revealed over eight hands of cards played in a short amount of time. Once the gig was up, the guest was kicked out of the casino’s hotel in the middle of the night and banned from ever returning. As we understand it, a VIP services manager was also fired over the incident.

The casino believes they are in a good position to recover a significant portion of the money involved in the scam despite the belief that the patron in question may have already returned to his home country.