A leaked image has revealed a variant of the Nokia Lumia 920 for Verizon. Uploaded by Twitter user @evleaks, the picture includes front and back shots of the device, which looks similar to the Lumia 920 that launched through AT&T in the US last year.

However, as many folks have noted, you can spot some differences on the outside without looking too hard, such as a longer flash on the back of the handset – a change that jibes with previous rumors of the device carrying a new xenon flash.

Naturally, there's the obligatory Verizon and 4G LTE logos which separate it from the standard Lumia 920, but the new device – tentatively called the Lumia 928 – will also reportedly have a few hardware changes that could make it Nokia's new flagship.

For starters, the 928 is said to replace the 920's 4.5-inch LCD display with one that uses OLED technology. It's also reportedly a little trimmer, measuring 10.2mm at its thinnest point versus 10.7mm and 11.2mm at its thickest point with a curved back.

The 928 is also expected to be a bit lighter than the 920's 185g body, though we haven't found any numbers. Part of the size and weight savings stems from the use of a thinner polycarbonate, with aluminum bodies reserved for upcoming Lumia devices.

Major internal specifications are expected to remain unchanged from the 920, including its 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 1GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, though the 928 will have support for simultaneous voice and LTE (SVLTE).