After compiling SEC data filed by 410 companies containing 2,050 executives, Bloomberg Businessweek reveals that Apple dominates the S&P index's top five best-paid executives with four of its own. Together, Apple's fantastic four raked in nearly $300 million dollars in cash and stock options during its 2012 fiscal year.

Absent from the list though are possibly the company's most well-known employees: CEO Tim Cook and famed designer Jonathan Ive. In fact, Cook came in 1,016th. Rather, top compensation went to other high-level talent whom Apple deemed essential to keep the fire burning after Steve Jobs' unfortunate departure.

The most well-paid employee at Apple (and second best paid anywhere) is hardware engineer-turned senior VP of technology Bob Mansfield who received a healthy $85.5 million package atop his $850K base salary. 

The other three, senior VP of operations Jeffrey Williams, Apple's top legal counsel Bruce Sewell and Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer follow closely behind with packages valued just under $70 million each.

Apple's cash-driven retention strategy appears to be working. Since its transition from Jobs' leadership, only one senior executive has left voluntarily. "Obviously, they are doing something right," analyst Steven Hall told Bloomberg.

While four out of the five most well-paid employees hail from Apple, the top spot actually goes to Oracle's CEO. Larry Ellison, a man who already owns his own island, snagged a whopping $96.2 million in compensation for his leadership role at Oracle.