Mechanical keyboards have found significant headway in recent years partially as a throwback to similar boards that were popular several years ago. While there's nothing technically wrong with membrane-style boards in use by many today, there are a growing number of people that desire a more solid tactical feel when typing and gaming. To that end, Cooler Master has launched a new mechanical gaming keyboard under their CM Storm line of gaming products called the QuickFire Stealth.

The new board is a refined version of the QuickFire Rapid keyboard that's being aimed at purists and the gaming elite. The unit includes your choice of Cherry MX switches: red (linear/very light), blue (clicky/light), brown (tactile/medium) and the CM Storm exclusive green switch (clicky/firm). Cooler Master points out that all of the mechanical switches in the Cherry MX line are rated for more than 50 million keystrokes.

Other features include unique keycaps with letters and icons printed on the front side of the keys instead of on the top. This provides a unique look that's still functional should you need to quickly glance down to find a certain key in addition to the fact that the lettering will last longer as there is no finger friction to wear the print away over time. What's more, the board is based on a 10-keyless design for a leaner overall footprint.

The board ships with a gold-plated, braided USB cable and cable routing management grooves on the underside and a sturdy internal steel plate to reduce flex. Cooler Master includes a two year warranty with all purchases. Pricing starts at $94.99 but will vary depending on which mechanical switches you select during checkout.