It's been a long time in the making but AT&T's home security and automation system is finally launching. Customers in 15 different markets (Atlanta, Austin, Texas, Boulder, Colo., Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Riverside, Calif., San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis and select areas of the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area) can place their orders for Digital Life starting today according to a press release on the matter.

AT&T is peddling two different packages here: Simple Security and Smart Security. The first option is essentially a basic alarm system with sensors, HSPA base station and 24-hour battery backup for $30 per month with an installation fee of $150.

For an extra $10 per month and a $250 installation fee, you can get the basic version of Smart Security which includes your choice of three additional features. Customers can choose between a motion sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, glass break sensor, smoke sensor or what's described as a takeover kit. Additional features like a camera system, water detection package or energy management can be added for between $5 and $10 each per month plus the cost of installation.

The security aspect of Digital Life consists of 24/7 professional monitoring with the ability to alert police and fire authorities. Customers can choose which alerts they wish to receive as well as how they receive them. With remote access, customers can monitor and control a number of aspects in their home remotely from a smartphone, tablet or PC. Options here include locking or unlocking doors, checking in on the kids or pets or adjusting the thermostat.

It certainly sounds like a neat system but there are a few restrictions. AT&T can only install the system in a single-family, detached home in the markets listed above. What's more, the installation fees can quickly add up if you plan to purchase a number of services.