Earlier today Twitter announced they have updated video sharing app Vine with a number of user-requested features. Chief among them is the ability to capture video using your device’s front-facing camera – a feature that was glaringly absent in the initial release for whatever reason.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced the new feature on the microblogging site. To use it, simply tap the button in the bottom left corner of the app to switch to your front-facing camera – it’s that simple. Users can even switch between cameras while recording a video, granted you can master the task without looking like a fool doing so.

In addition to the new feature, Vine now also supports mentions. For example, the next time you capture a video with a friend, you can proceed to tag them in the caption of the clip. Doing so will automatically link their Vine profile in your video’s caption.

If you want to include a mention, do so by typing @username and select their profile from the list of recommendations. You’ll receive a notification in the Activity section when someone mentions you in their video, we’re told.

These updates come not long after the company enabled embedding of Vine videos on the web last month as well as the ability to share videos on Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps the one update that people are most anxious for, however, is support for Android. A job posting back in February led to speculation that a version of Vine for Android was in the works but thus far, Twitter has been mum on the subject.