When people think of smartphones, iOS and Android are the first operating systems that generally come to mind. The two have a stranglehold on the market, but there are still smaller battles occurring on the lower end of the sales spectrum between Windows Phone, Blackberry, Linux, and Symbian. 

According to a report from IDC, a big shift has occurred during the first quarter of 2013. Windows Phone actually managed to overtake Blackberry to become the third most popular mobile operating system. It accounted for 3.2 percent of all smartphone shipments, while Blackberry made up 2.9 percent.

Of the Windows Phones sold, an estimated 79 percent of them were Nokia models. Since Nokia started creating Windows Phones, it has shipped 20.3 million units of them. Of course, other companies sell devices based on Microsot's mobile OS, but in most cases, they are secondary to their Android devices.

Blackberry released BB10 recently, so the data does not necessarily reflect how well it will do once it catches on. What's more, the Z10 was only released in March in the US, which does not give it much time to contribute to the sales figures. Still, releasing a new OS should have caused a surge in sales, so it seems at least a little concerning that BlackBerry was overtaken in the same quarter it released a huge upgrade.

Android and iOS still hold the number one and two spots in terms of smartphones sales. Android held 75 percent of the market share and iOS had 17.3 percent. Clearly, in spite of the shift in sales of the less popular operating systems, it's still a two horse race, with Android in control of the market overall.