More and more network channels are embracing the power of streaming content. According to a report from Deadline, the CW is jumping further into the game by bringing its shows to Apple TV users. This move makes it the first network to have its programming available directly on the device without going through another service like Hulu or Netflix.

CW did not announce an exact release date for its Apple TV application, but it did say it would hit the market in the coming weeks. The network is responsible for shows like 90210, Gossip Girl, and the Vampire Diaries. These programs, along with everything else it offers, will be available for streaming from within the application when it launches.

The app will be very similar to the one CW offers on Xbox 360 and mobile devices. It will be ad supported, and no authentication with a cable provider will be necessary, which means anyone can take advantage of the programs offered. All shows will be available on the app the day after they air on television, which is pretty standard in the cable industry.

This is a move that could be followed by other networks. HBO Go is available on a bunch of devices, including the iPhone and iPad, but Apple TV is a notable exception. Of course, HBO Go does require an active cable subscription, which makes sense being a premium channel, while CW is not. HBO president Eric Kessler said the channel would get to Apple TV at some point, but it appears that CW is going to get there first.