Project Ophelia, Dell's Android-based computer on a USB stick that was first showcased at CES early this year, is scheduled to begin shipping in July for around $100. The device is designed to plug directly into the HDMI port of a monitor to turn any display into a PC, gaming machine or even a set-top box.

Jeff McNaught, executive director of cloud client computing at Dell said users will be able to download apps, movies and television shows from the Google Play store. The device can also run Android games and stream videos from Netflix and Hulu.

Dell believes the thumb PC will appeal to those that do most of their computing on the web. What's more, it's positioned price-wise for people looking for an inexpensive alternative to tablets and notebooks. True enough, the form factor will allow users to take their computer with them on the go but the lack of display means you'll have to have a visual aid handy wherever you plan to use it.

The company is expected to demonstrate the system-on-a-stick at the Citrix Synergy Conference in Los Angeles this week. It will be shown using a 19-inch display as well as a 55-inch television, we're told.

As for shipping, the unit will first be available to Android app developers. Dell plans to make the mini systems available to telecom and cable providers in August for inclusion in cable or data plans before finally offering it up to the average Joe via their website.