If video chatting is high on your list of priorities for a mobile device and you happen to be an AT&T customer, listen up. The wireless provider will soon allow customers to use any mobile video chat app over their cellular network regardless of data plan or device.

The changes are expected to roll out to everyone by the end of 2013 according to a press release from AT&T on the matter. AT&T noted that for video chat apps that come pre-loaded on devices, OS and device makers have the ability to enable them to work over cellular for customers on Mobile Share or Tiered plans.

Apple, Blackberry and Samsung have all taken AT&T up on this offer but by mid-June, those apps will be enabled over cellular for unlimited plan customers using LTE devices from those three manufacturers.

What's more, AT&T said that throughout the second half of the year, they plan to enable pre-loaded video chat apps for all customers regardless of device. Until then, customers are invited to use any mobile video chat app they download from the Internet like Skype.

It's good news for the wireless provider as they have faced scrutiny in the past regarding over-the-air limitations. Specifically, AT&T initially restricted the use of the iPhone's FaceTime video chat feature to Wi-Fi only. Facing pressure from the Federal Communications Commission, the carrier revised their policy to allow customers with a tiered data plan to use the app over cellular.