Incoming Intel CEO Brian Krzanich is reportedly preparing to shakes things up on the inside. A major reorganization is said to include a new devices unit that will work with emerging technologies and product trends according to All Things D.

In a statement to the publication on the subject, Intel said the group will be tasked with turning cool technology and business model innovations into products that shape and lead markets. News of the new devices unit was first reported by Reuters on Tuesday.

Former Apple and Palm executive Mike Bell will be in charge of the new unit. He's no stranger to Intel as he has been co-leading the company's mobile chip business. Hermann Eul, who has been co-leading the division with Bell, will take over as the new leader of the mobile chip business.

Intel has struggled to break into the mobile chipset market as industry leaders like Nvidia and Qualcomm continue to dominate the landscape. But that may change in the near future, however, with Intel's upcoming Atom processor.

Codenamed Silvermont, Intel's next Atom processor features a number of performance enhancements that could put the chip maker on a level playing field with the competition. Whether or not it's too late for Intel to make serious waves remains to be seen.

Of course, when you pass up on a monumental opportunity to supply silicon for a groundbreaking product like Intel did with the original iPhone, there will always be the question of "what if?" regardless of your comeback.