Full-Sized LEGO X-Wing Fighter This is the world's largest LEGO model at 11-feet tall, 43-feet long, and with a 44-foot wingspan. It's made of over five-million LEGO bricks (5,335,200 to be exact), weighs 45,979.61 pounds (including bricks and steel infrastructure), and took 32 builders 17,336 hours (about four months) to construct. And yes, it has an R2 unit in it. IGN

Xbox One games will require regular authentication checks, used games won't have a fee The Xbox One will not require gamers to pay a fee to reactivate a used game, but it will require a regular online spot check to verify the authenticity of games being played, according to sources familiar with the system. Polygon

Java developer says he built, launched basic open source office suite in 30 days Called Joeffice, it works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux as well as in browsers, according to the developer, Anthony Goubard. It includes a very basic word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation program and database software, Goubard said. Network World

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 spotted running Intel's Atom processor Enter Intel. The company's more recent dual-core Atom chips offer substantially better performance and efficiency than its earlier attempts. Intel is still struggling to make inroads against the likes of Qualcomm and Nvidia, but it has scored some big wins with Motorola, Lenovo, and Asus --- who also picked the Atom for an Android tablet project. Geek

Google to Fund, Develop Wireless Networks in Emerging Markets These wireless networks would serve areas such as sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia to dwellers outside of major cities where wired Internet connections aren't available, said people familiar with the strategy. The networks also could be used to improve Internet speeds in urban centers, these people said. WSJ

Microsoft and Google now "working together" on YouTube Windows Phone app There's been a war of words between Microsoft and Google over the release of Microsoft's revamped YouTube app for Windows Phone for the last couple of weeks. Today, it looks like the two companies have finally called a truce, but at the expense of the new app. Neowin

Internet cafés declared 'illegal businesses' in Ohio Having solved all of the state's other problems, the Ohio legislature has passed a bill outlawing that most foul of societal ills: the internet café. The Register

New Computer Attacks Traced to Iran, Officials Say American officials and corporate security experts examining a new wave of potentially destructive computer attacks striking American corporations, especially energy firms, say they have tracked the attacks back to Iran. NY Times