A recently published report from Experian Marketing Services found that on average, adults in America spend 58 minutes per day using their smartphone. Surprisingly enough, people still spend most of their time actually making phone calls as this activity accounted for 26 percent of the total time spent daily using a smartphone.

Texting came in at a close second, accounting for 20 percent of time spent. Social networking ate up 16 percent of smartphone time while surfing the web in general scooped up 14 percent. Only nine percent of time was devoted to the once-popular e-mail, gaming finished with eight percent while everything else accounted for nine percent.

The debate about which operating system is more popular continues to rage on but the data shows something very interesting. iPhone users spend an hour and 15 minutes using their phones each day on average. That's a full 26 minutes longer than the typical Android owner.

The differences don't stop there, however, as Android owners spend more time talking and visiting websites while iPhone users clocked more time texting, sending e-mails and using the phone's camera.

I'm still surprised that only 58 minutes of each day are devoted to smartphone use, what with everyone seemingly glued to their phones in public, while driving, during dinner, etc. But it's important to remember that the study only surveyed adult smartphone users. Usage from teens and children would have no doubt increased the daily averages and swayed smartphone activities.