In spite of the uproar caused by Microsoft moving in a cloud-based direction for Office, it appears as though the subscription model is actually quite successful for the company. In a blog post, Microsoft just announced that it has moved past one million subscribers in just over 100 days since it was released. Office 365 grants users access to the popular productivity suite for $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year.

Microsoft is calling the latest version of Office its most successful version to date. The company says that more than one copy of the software is sold each second since it launched earlier this year. 

Of course, a big portion of those sales comes from companies signing up large enterprise licenses. Still, the quick uptake Office 365 is seeing definitely shows that people are willing to sign up for a monthly service in order to access to a piece of software they find useful.

Adobe also making a move to the cloud. The company recently passed one million subscribers, but unlike Microsoft, they're not offering a stand-alone version of their software anymore. Earlier this month, Microsoft said it feels that not all consumers are ready to make the move just yet and thus it decided to keep both options.