Gigabyte has released additional details about its new Brix mini computers at Computex, where they are showing off several prototype machines with different specs.

Two of the machines they are fairly standard mini PCs, containing Intel Haswell and AMD Kabini processors, and follow the form factor design standard set forth by Intel with the NUC. The Kabini machines' primary selling point will likely be its price tag when compared to other offerings, but the Haswell machine has promise to be an interesting device given that processor's performance.

The other two Brix, however, feature some unusual functionalities that are uncommon in a computer.

The first is equipped with an integrated pico projector that would allow you to turn just about any location with a blank wall into a small theater, assuming you have an audio setup. Or, if your LAN parties involve games with low system requirements like StarCraft II or Minecraft, it could make for one of the least encumbering LAN gaming rigs ever. Just don't expect much privacy from screen-lookers with your game projected on the wall.

The other interesting prototype includes a built-in wireless charging pad for induction charging your properly equipped portable devices, allowing for casual charging of phones by simply setting them on top of the computer.

When we initially covered Brix last week, Gigabyte had listed three models on their website, and suggested there would be four total. Now we have seen four, but with these new features introduced, it appears there may be many more variants than that which incorporate the different feature sets.

For now, they are all prototypes, so it's not certain that we will see any of them in stores.