A new research report from Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty revealed that Apple has more user accounts than any other technology company expect one - Facebook. The social network trumps all others with 1.05 billion accounts while Apple places a distant second with just 500 million accounts. For reference, e-commerce giant Amazon finished third with only 200 million user accounts.

Facebook may be the clear winner with regards to the sheer number of user accounts but most would argue that Apple's accounts are more valuable. Why you ask? Because each one has a credit card attached which means the opportunity to make money from every member is there.

As such, it should also come as little surprise that Apple comes out on top with regards to revenue generated per account. Cupertino pulls in an average of $329 per user with Amazon following in a close second at $305 per user. eBay ranks third with around $125 in average revenue per user while Facebook and their 1.05 billion users only contribute $5 each.

Moving forward, Huberty believes Apple will reach 600 million users with active Apple IDs by the end of this year. In the meantime, however, Apple could be prepared to capitalize on the existing user base with their rumored iRadio streaming music service to the tune of (no pun intended) $1 billion per year. This figure is based on the assumption that 40 to 50 percent of the install base would use the service.