Apple’s rumored wristwatch could arrive as early as the second half of this year if everything goes as planned. Parts suppliers are allegedly standing by, waiting to get the go-ahead from Apple to start production according to Citi’s Glen Yeung.

The analyst believes the go / no-go decision will be made in June and he is leaning towards the former outcome at this time. All of this comes as a result of multiple rumors that indicate such a watch is indeed in development and perhaps closer to production than most thought.

Here’s what we’ve heard thus far. Just a few days ago, Apple reportedly filed for a trademark for "iWatch” in Russia according to a local newspaper. That’s not really super solid evidence as companies have been known to register for a trademark years before a product ever launches and sometimes, it’s done simply to protect others from using a particular name in the future.

To that end, the Economic Times claimed last month that Apple has been looking into a number of 1.5-inch OLED displays built by a Taiwan-based manufacturer named RiTdisplay. As the story goes, Apple was initially looking at a 1.8-inch display but ultimately felt it was too large and switched to a smaller panel.

Finally, a recent report from Bloomberg pegged the iWatch with the same 2013 release date that Yeung believes we could see. Given the success of mobile apps and their commonplace, now may be the perfect time to jump head-first into an industry that’s just starting to show potential.