A new report from research firm eMarketer indicates that Google is on pace to sell more mobile ads this year than all of its competitors combined – for the second time in a row. That amounts to roughly $8.8 billion in revenue which represents a 92 percent increase from 2012.

For reference, the search giant collected $4.6 billion in mobile ad revenue last year on their way to capturing 52 percent of the market. All said and done, mobile ads are expected to rake in nearly $16 billion by the end of this year with Google staking claim to a 56 percent share – healthy increases all around.

As you likely gathered by now, the competition isn’t even close with Facebook’s 13 percent market share finishing in a distant second. It’s nearly double their 2012 share of 5.3 percent but they still have a ton of ground to cover to catch Google. Streaming music service Pandora is expected to finish third with a market share of just 2.5 percent while Twitter follows closely behind at 1.95 percent.

eMarket said in a statement that Google continues to reign as not only the largest beneficiary of digital ad spending in the US, but worldwide as well. Of course, getting to that point wasn’t easy as advertisers initially rejected the idea of paying as much for mobile ads as they would for those shown on larger screens. As such, the search giant now requires all advertisers to buy ad space on mobile as well as on the desktop.