The iPhone's meteoric rise in the smartphone industry has helped more than just Apple earn a pretty penny; in fact, there are entire businesses devoted to designing and manufacturing accessories for the popular handset.

Thanks to an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, iPhone fans will soon be able to purchase another accessory to add to their collections; a portable iPhone stand that conveniently folds up into a credit card-sized package.

Geometrical Inc., the product's manufacturer, is touting the Pocket Tripod's ability to provide a stable platform, even when the iPhone is positioned at severe angles. The origami-like structure will allow the iPhone to be positioned in both portrait and landscape views, while keeping the entire product at a thickness of only 2.3mm.

So what are the uses of such a device? The obvious one has to do with picture and video taking. It happens far too often that an impromptu photo needs to be taken, and the iPhone is clumsily propped up onto an unsuitable ledge before the self-timer is set. To get a look at some of the product's other uses, check out the video below, which goes into extensive detail about the Pocket Tripod.

The fundraising goal has been set to $45,000, with individual pledges starting at just $1, or $20 if you'd like to receive your very own Pocket Tripod in the mail starting in November. As of this writing the project is roughly $2,000 short of reaching their goal with little over a week to go.

Even Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, has expressed interest in the device. "Great project. Never would have come about without a great deal of creativity and desire to do something different," he said.