A series of blurry photos last week revealed that the iPhone 5S is equipped with a larger battery and a dual LED flash, but that left us wanting for more details of actual substance. MacRumors has come through for us with a few additional pieces of info gleaned from a set of photos they got their hands on of the iPhone 5S.

The photos from last week pictured an iPhone with a code printed on its main chip indicating it was manufactured in October 2012. However, the new photos, pictured below, clearly show a chip with the model number APL0698, which MacRumors is confident is a rebranded A7 chip.

The original iPhone 5 carried an A6 chip with the model number APL0598, while the fourth-generation iPad sported the A6X with model number APL5598. This nomenclature is demonstrative of the way Apple labels their rebranded chips, incrementing the first digit to represent variants of a chip, and the second digit when moving to a new family.

Other markings on the chip in the new image confirm that the device carries the same 1GB of Elpida DRAM as the current A6. A date code on the DRAM, 1239, indicates that it was manufactured in September 2012.

Additionally, MacRumors says they have determined that the device itself was assembled in December 2012, which makes it a fairly early and old prototype of the new iPhone.