Multiple images of what is believed to be Apple’s next iPhone recently surfaced on the web. The photos show a device using a redesigned logic board – what looks to be the same one that showed up in photos earlier this week – that features a different layout for connectors and various other components.

The processing chip in the new photos, however, doesn’t carry the A-series stamp like the one in the iPhone 5. This could mean that Apple is going with a new chip for the next iPhone or simply that the photos are of a very early prototype that had yet to be stamped. The latter seems a more likely situation as a numerical code across the bottom of the chip indicates it was manufactured during the 43rd week of 2012 which would be sometime in late October.

iphone dual-led apple iphone 5s

The part number found on the battery indicates a higher capacity of 5.92Whr. The battery inside the iPhone 5, for comparison, is only rated at 5.45Whr – not a huge increase but it could be enough to retain usage claims if the new phone does indeed ship with a more powerful (and hungry) processor.

iphone dual-led apple iphone 5s

Finally the rear shell of the leaked chassis shows a vertical pill-shaped opening for the camera flash. It’s tough to tell from the blurry images but this could be the dual-LED flash we’ve been hearing about in other rumors.

Most expect Apple to launch the iPhone 5S perhaps as early as September alongside a budget-minded model with a plastic shell.