The latest chapter in the Call of Duty saga is set to drop on July 2. The Black Ops II DLC, officially known as Vengeance, will be the third map pack available for the popular first-person shooter. As one might expect, Microsoft is once again using their exclusive deal to bring the DLC to the Xbox 360 first.

The update includes four new multiplayer maps: Cove, Rush, Detour and Uplink. Cove is a deserted tropical island map akin to what you'd expect to find in Far Cry while Rush appears to be a full-scale paintball course. Detour looks to be an abandoned suspension bridge with multiple levels and Uplink is simply a remake of Summit from the original Black Ops game.

Gamers will also get to try their luck in a new zombie map - Buried - set in an old west mining town. There's also a new weapon known as the Ray Gun Mark II but it'll be an exclusive to this map.

Details about the new DLC were first shown a week ago but you'd be forgiven if you missed it, what with all of the talk about Call of Duty: Ghosts during this year's E3 show. A trailer released last week showed brief clips of each map but this latest video shows a bit more detail about each new battleground.

The DLC will be available early next month for 1,200 Microsoft Points (about $15) before arriving for on other platforms about a month later.