Yahoo recently announced plans to shutter an additional dozen services as part of a continued effort to sharpen their focus and create products that are essential to users' daily lives. A third of the programs have already shut down while the others are coming up for closure in the coming weeks and months.

Yahoo Axis, Yahoo Browser Plus, Yahoo Citizen Sports and Yahoo WebPlayer are all no longer functional. Axis was a series of browser plugins and mobile apps that were billed as being able to make search results faster and more convenient, Browser Plus was another browser plugin that allowed users to install other features without having to close and reopen the session while Citizen Sports was a portal that facilitated interaction between sports fans. Yahoo WebPlayer allowed webmasters to add video and audio to their websites.

The company plans to axe Foxy Tunes, Yahoo RSS Alerts, Yahoo Neighbors Beta, AltaVista, Yahoo Stars India and Yahoo Downloads Beta over the course of this month.

Odds are that most people may not miss (or have even heard of) some of these services with the exception of AltaVista. This was one of the web's most popular search engines in the '90s and became a Yahoo product in 2003. The current iteration is little more than a skin over Yahoo's own search engine so not much is lost here.

Last but not least, Yahoo Local API and Yahoo Term Extraction API will both saying goodbye on September 28.