Microsoft's upcoming DirectX 11.2 update, first shown off at the company's Build conference last month, promises to deliver a host of new features and performance improvements in games and apps. But according to reports, the update is reportedly being limited to Windows 8.1 and next generation consoles like the Xbox One.

This exclusivity isn't something new, however, as Microsoft pulled a similar move when transitioning to DirectX 11.1 as that update requires the use of Windows 8. Before that, DirectX 10 was a Windows Vista exclusive which left Windows XP users high and dry.

Perhaps this is one of Microsoft's ways to help nudge Windows XP, Vista and 7 users toward upgrading to Redmond's latest but whether or not it'll work remains to be seen. Such requirements really did little to lead to the commercial success of Vista or Windows 8 but this time around, the timing is a bit different. Xbox One is just around the corner and if a number of games use it, perhaps it could take root better.

DirectX 11.2 brings with it a new key feature known as Direct3D tiled resources. Microsoft's Antoine Leblond demonstrated the feature during Build which essentially lets developers easily use GPU and system RAM to store textures. This can be used to pull high resolution assets into a scene without overburdening the graphics card. For consumers, it could ultimately lead to an unprecedented amount of detail that won't appear fuzzy or blurred when viewed close up.