Looks like Nokia won't be left alone this year to join Gameboy Advance league, Palm is expected to introduce its latest OS licensee today, a company called Tapwave is working on a portable gaming console based on the Palm OS.
The device code-named Helix, is slated for a 4th quarter release and while will primarily act as a gaming console, it will also be able to synchronize with a PC and have organizer functions. Helix won't come as cheap as a Gameboy though, with an expected retail price of $300, the handheld would be twice as expensive as an X-Box or PS2 (considering upcoming price cuts), though the fact that it’ll double as a PDA is nice indeed.

Helix, which will come with version 5.2 of the Palm OS, will have a built-in joystick and a color screen with a resolution of 320 by 480 pixels. It will also have built-in Bluetooth wireless support to allow people to participate in multiplayer games.

Now, let’s remember games are what make a console worth it and in Tapwave's case no publisher agreements have been announced so far, they will definitely need more than DopeWars if they intend to attract serious gamers.