A smart home security device by the name of Canary has launched on Indiegogo following more than a year of design and testing. It is described as the world's first consumer security product and is said to be extremely simple (and inexpensive) to use and own.

Inside the cylinder-shaped Canary is an HD camera with night vision and 170 degree wide angle lens, Wi-Fi, high quality microphone and speaker, RGB LEDs, 3-axis accelerometer, motion detection (passive infrared), temperature sensor and an air quality sensor.

The hardware certainly sounds impressive but perhaps it will be the software that will really sell Canary. Once plugged in, the device can be set up within 30 seconds. Canary learns your behavior over time and will adjust alerts accordingly, we're told.

An accompanying app for iOS (Android and iPad support expected later this year) allows you to keep an eye on everything while you are away and will send alerts directly to your phone if an unexpected visitor arrives or the device detects carbon monoxide in the air. As is the new trend, everything is stored in the cloud.

As of writing, the campaign still has 36 days remaining and has already raised more than $85,000 of the necessary $100,000 to turn Canary into a reality. You'll need to plunk down at least $199 to get your name on the pre-order list as the two cheaper early bird options ($149 and $169) have already sold out.

The company estimates initial orders will be fulfilled in May of 2014 but as with all crowdsourced projects, nothing is ever for certain.