MILPITAS, Calif., May 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Creative Technology Ltd. today announced the Sound Blaster MP3+ & Sound Blaster Go! portable USB Sound Blaster sound systems. Now it's as simple as connecting to a USB port for any PC user to upgrade from motherboard audio to premium-quality audio for listening to MP3 music or creating MP3 or WMA music from compact discs. The compact, portable Sound Blaster MP3+, slated for availability this month, is priced at only US$59.99 & the Sound Blaster Go! is priced at US$79.99 & is slated for availability in July.

The Sound Blaster Go! includes high-quality noise cancellation headphones that enable optimal music enjoyment in noisy surroundings. Easily connected by USB, the Sound Blaster MP3+ & Sound Blaster Go! transform any notebook or desktop PC into a premium stereo system. In addition to Bass Boost & a 10-band graphic equalizer to dramatically enhance the MP3 listening experience, the Sound Blaster MP3+ & the Sound Blaster Go! include Creative MediaSource, a full MP3 & WMA creation & management application with a host of music enhancement features.