Back when I got my first cell phone (Nokia 5110), the idea of protecting it with a case wasn't exactly mainstream. I recall there being a few leather "sleeves" that you could slide your phone into but these really did little to protect a handset at times when gravity took over. Granted, phones of yesteryear were also much more durable and had tiny screens that weren't prone to cracking, but I digress.

The market has changed drastically since that time. Virtually everyone has a smartphone of some sort and with the average cost of a high-end smartphone sitting somewhere around the $600 mark and our increased dependence on these devices, the desire to protect the investment is greater than ever.

With this week's open forum, we are curious to know whether or not you have a case on your smartphone. It's almost criminal to cover up a sleek and sexy gadget with a bulky case but if you're the clumsy type or you simply want it to last, it's the price you have to pay.

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