Real help from real people in real time - that's the motto behind Google Helpouts, the rumored marketplace to sell services and skills via live video that's now been made official by the search giant. The service isn't available just yet but Google is inviting people with expertise across a wide range of topics to assist when it does go live and you'll be paid for your time.

Those interested in applying for a Helpouts position are encouraged to submit their name and e-mail address on the new Helpouts page. At present, Google lists several categories of work including Arts and Music, Computers and Electronics, Cooking, Education, Fashion and Beauty, Fitness and Nutrition, Health and Counseling and Home and Garden. Applicants are also asked to describe the kind of Helpout they'd like to offer.

From there, users will need to submit a listing for their services which will be reviewed. After that, a video interview will be conducted to make sure the applicant can offer the type of service and level of quality that Google is after. Those offering advice in the medical profession will need to verify their credentials.

On the customer end, they'll be able to check out a Helpout professional's availability and even schedule an appointment. Some Helpouts will be offered free of charge while others will come at a price but either way, both parties will need to have a Google Wallet account. Also note that Google will charge a 20 percent fee for offering the platform.

We still don't know exactly when the service will go live but if Google is already recruiting help, it can't be too far off in the distance.