Google is said to be working on a new service that would allow individuals as well as businesses to sell services and skills to customers over live video. Tentatively known as Helpouts, these one-on-one video sessions could help users with all sorts of things like fitness classes and tutoring to language lessons and even IT support.

True to its name, the service will use Google's Hangouts platform and will most likely work alongside Google Wallet. In one of the leaked screenshots below, we can see a number of different categories including computers, education, food, health, hobbies, repair and other. Pricing for services is set based on how long you utilize the service.

For example, a one hour session on the basics of investing might cost $25 while a quick refresher of the French language before your vacation may be priced in half hour increments. Logically it would be up to the person providing the service to set pricing as they see fit. No word on how much Google will charge sells for the opportunity but some options may include a free ad-supported model, a percentage of what the seller earns or perhaps a set monthly or annual fee.

The service has been in testing at Google since last month according to an unnamed source as reported by TechCrunch. No solid release date has been set but we are told that if trials continue to go well, it could roll out as early as next month.